Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busted Knees

So this music blog hasn't had much music on it recently. This post will change all of that. Summertime always puts me in the mood for a lot of pop-punk and punk music. Something about the fast-paced guitar riffs, catchy hooks and rhythms, and "don't care" lyrics are perfect for a hot day. They remind me of when that music was all I listened to and how it defined my summers. Bands like Blink-182, Green Day, New Found Glory, and Sum 41 were at the top of the charts. Skateboarding was all the rage. And we could waste our days waiting for the ice cream truck. So crank up these distorted tunes and have some fun :)

Songs for Busted Knees, Bugs, and the Bright Summer Sun

1.) I Believe - Agent 51
2.) Movies - Alien Ant Farm
3.) Trouble Breathing - Alkaline Trio
4.) I'll Get There - All
5.) Flavor of the Week - American Hi-Fi
6.) Awesome Forces - The Aquabats
7.) San Dimas High School Football Rules - The Ataris
.) She Won't Ever Figure It Out - Big D and the Kids Table
.) Don't Leave Me - Blink-182
.) The Rock Show - Blink-182
.) Kate is Great - Bouncing Souls
.) I Got Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People's Business - Boys Night Out
13.) Can't Wait One Minute More - CIV
14.) Sunshine Highway - Dropkick Murphys
15.) Festival Song - Good Charlotte
16.) My Girlfriend - Guttermouth
17.) No Worries - Hepcat
18.) Bandages - Hot Hot Heat
19.) Status Pools - Lagwagon
20.) Last Hour of the Last Day of Work - Less Than Jake
21.) Prisoner of Society - The Living End
22.) Bright Lights, Big City - Madcap
23.) You Gotta Go! - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
24.) Capital H - Motion City Soundtrack
25.) Walking On Glass - The Movielife
26.) Tune Me Out - Mu330
27.) Not Enough - Mustard Plug
28.) Punk Rawk Show - Mxpx
29.) My Life Story - Mxpx
30.) Rock & Roll Girl - Mxpx
31.) Sincerely Me - New Found Glory
32.) Hit Or Miss - New Found Glory
33.) Olympia, WA - NOFX
34.) Ocean - The Pietasters
35.) As Wicked - Rancid
36.) Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight - The Rezillos
37.) Don't Hate Me - Rufio
38.) She Wants To Be Alone - The Slackers
39.) Friday Nite - Slick Shoes
40.) Enemy - The Smooths
41.) Lay It Down - Squad Five-O
42.) Right Now - SR-71
43.) Daddy's Little Defect - Sugarcult
44.) Someone - Suicide Machines
45.) Makes No Difference - Sum 41
46.) So Awake - Tuesday
47.) Jaks - U.S. Bombs
48.) My Girlfriend's Dead - The Vandals
49.) Meltdown - War Called Peace
50.) Underdog - Yellowcard

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In the garden

In the garden alive and bright
Something wasn't sitting right
Perfection in creation true
I wish to tarnish its wholesome hue

With cunning diction and elegant words
To humanity shown a mirror absurd
"You are unlike the god you serve
I call this ignorance undeserved."

Both took the fruit, from my sly voice
Innocent I am, it was their choice
What false freedom and feigned free will
To woman and man did You instill

I only showed what they ought to see
I only suggested, "Come coil with me"
And from this singular request
I ruined the world in one just jest

I am the snake, I do misguide
The weak, the fake, the indignant pride
My head is crushed, I strike your heel
Such a rush sweetens the deal.

Luke 19:40

We are a well run dry
We are a water tower emptied
We are an ocean evaporated

The living water flows ferociously.
The living water is alive.
The beads crawl to us, knowing our thirst.

What does it mean?

If I shut my mouth,
a shout of stones
a party of pebbles
a clamor of quartz
a bellow of boulders
a roar of rocks

What does it mean?

If we don't know what tomorrow brings
we still know that it is good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When I'm with You
I feel so grown and like such a child
Radically adult and infinitely immature

When I'm with You
I run with you but I am standing still
Constant motion and peaceful repose

When I'm with You
We talk incessantly yet no one speaks
Constant dialogue and abundant silence

When I'm with You
I don't need anything because I have everything
Purposefully poor and excessively rich

When I'm with You
I am so ashamed and so uplifted
Inherently guilty and forever forgiven

Understanding, knowing
Doing, being
Living, hoping
Wanting, breathing