Monday, May 12, 2008

And now for something completely different.

Alright, ladies and gents.

One final is done, and seeing how it is a Monday, here I am to inform the masses of a spectacular event occurring tomorrow.

Tomorrow, one of my favorite bands, Showbread, is releasing not one, but TWO albums simultaneously. Thus far in this blog, I've written about Counting Crows, The Snake the Cross the Crown, and OAR, but Showbread truly is something completely different (if I may be so bold as to quote the always hilarious Monty Python). Where previously mentioned bands are easy listening with lush melodies and beauty, Showbread is a burst of noise to your eardrum, complete with screeching vocals from Josh Dies, ripping guitar, pounding drums, and even a keytar for good measure. (And they sure do know how to utilize the keytar!)

I am going to take this opportunity to school some of you in the ways of Showbread. For those of you who think they were a new band who burst onto the scene with 2004's "No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical," you are sadly mistaken. There is a rich, rough history of Showbread that predates "No Sir..." by a long shot. (For those of you who still have no idea who I am talking about, please go to, scroll down to the itty-bitty search bar, type in "Showbread," wait for your internet to load the page, click the link at the top that says "Showbread (band)," and read. As you can see, I've done this before.) If you do not care, don't do the aforementioned steps. If you do not have the internet, I would question how you're reading this blog. Alas, I digress.

Showbread's first CD is titled "The Dissonance of Discontent," but it is so far out of circulation that I have never heard it and know nothing about it really.

Showbread's second CD came out in 1999, titled "Goodbye is Forever."
This album I have listened to, and let me tell you, IT IS RAW. Lo-fi recording quality and all the signs of a band in their early stages trying to make too much noise.
Download it here.

Their third release came in 2000 as a five song EP entitled "Human Beings Are Too Shallow to Fall in Love." The recording quality has stepped up a bit here, but none of the raw thrash energy was lost. If anything, it has been refined and made more crisp. The band has found a more harmonious balance between screaming and singing, as well.
Download it here.

Next up is another five song EP, this time titled "Goodnight Sweetheart, The Stitches Are Coming Apart." This 2001 release is very much in the same vein as the previous EP, still not great quality of songwriting or recording but a small step up.
Download it here.

At this point, the band had garnered enough attention in the local Georgia scene and abroad through extensive touring to be signed to Steel Roots Records. They released their new full-length album "Life, Kisses, and Other Wasted Efforts" in 2002. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, this album is supposedly still available every now and then at shows and on the web to purchase (albeit rare) so I am not going to upload it. So even though it showcases Showbread before their rise in the scene, it is still out there to be purchased. Go find it.

Then, "No Sir..." broke them through, allowing Showbread to reach a much broader audience and more popular success (if that is what you want to call it). They got signed to Tooth and Nail Records who, of course, got it distributed all over the place. Their glam rock appeal, shredding guitar riffs, pertinent and poetic lyrics, and powerfully killer live show chock-full-o-energy allowed their name to be spread.

Their most recent effort (until tomorrow's duel disc Anorexia Nervosa) was released in 2006 as "Age of Reptiles," showing Showbread's progress with a more mainstream rock sound with no energy lost. The hooks are catchier, drums are splashier, and the complete rock-out factor is through the roof! Both "No Sir.." and "AoR" are easily accessible through any music store with good taste or iTunes (therefore, no downloads).

In lieu of that, however, I will post a bundle of assorted Showbread knick knacks including demos of some "Life, Kisses...," "AoR," and "No Sir..." tracks as well as a Nine Inch Nails cover song.
Download it here.

And there you have it. You are now up to speed and ready to experience the new Showbread glory coming out tomorrow. Anorexia. Nervosa.

Monday, May 5, 2008

From under my pile of papers...

Hiatus until finals week (read "death week") is over.
I'll be back and better than ever with fresh new music, playlists, reviews, and downloads.
Don't you worry.