Friday, August 8, 2008

Come together.

I feel like my cred is diminishing for not posting anything substantial in a long while.
But oh well. For anyone who reads this, sorry. I've been busy working at my jobs and trying to hold down a decent social life.
I've also been working on writing new music (which I haven't done in about 7 months) and trying to finish up these two short stories that I started this summer. So far, I'm proud of them. One is almost done. The other I will have to rework on account of its terribleness. They are different, for sure, but the stories are interesting for me to investigate, adding more and more detail to weave the characters' folklore and doom. Cackle.

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics was tonight, as everyone on the planet knows, and let me tell you, I was completely floored by the spectacle put together by the Chinese film director who organized the ceremony. From one of the world's largest LED screens scrolling beautiful scenes and mesmerizing colors, to thousands of men coordinated in an epic tai chi demonstration, to boxes lifting up and down, flowing as if made of water, to spectacular fireworks around every turn, everything kept my eyes riveted to the television screen.
Not only the visuals and history put on display, but the overall theme and message therein of harmony, unity, and togetherness in humanity was beautifully illustrated.

And it makes me feel good to see the world come together, celebrate beauty, art, culture, and athleticism. I wish the world was like the Olympics all the time. More about this later.